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Quick Tips: Revive an old machine with Lubuntu

What would you do if you have a 10+ year old laptop that is but too old to run any version of Windows. Unless you can actually donate it or make use of it, most likely, it'll be lying there for too long. I had a similar situation, so, I thought of utilizing it for my hobby activities. Hereby I'm sharing some quick steps that you can also use to renew your old computer/laptop. With these steps you can get a renewed laptop which feels snappier and powerful. As you may be familiar, with Linux, you get a much powerful operating system and access to mighty open source tools/applications. Why Lubuntu Lubuntu is arguably the most lightweight Linux for desktops and PCs. It uses as less as 500MB RAM and can work for a wide range of old processors. As its built on top of Ubuntu, the support for devices is extremely wide (probably widest) and is quite easy to install and use for beginners. Pre-Requisites Before getting started you would need: Laptop/Desktop with internet connection (in t