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Quick Tips: 6 Hidden Salesforce Gems you may not be using

Salesforce is undoubtedly a leader in cloud CRM and has an immensely rich set of features and capabilities. Yet, I've come across several Salesforce customers who are not quite familiar with all the capabilities of Salesforce. As I see it, it not only shadows the value that an organization can get from its Salesforce investments, but sometimes it also leads to additional costs or delays. Not to forget, you are probably already paying for some or all of these features, but may not be using them. So, here is a quick list of some awesome Salesforce features which are sometimes overlooked, but are worth looking into. Do keep in mind that some of these feature depend on user licenses and Salesforce instance type you are using. For more information refer to Salesforce documentation to get complete information on these features. Sites Do you know you can host a whole website (yes public facing) from within your Salesforce instance. It's often not marketed a lot curre

Quick Tips: Salesforce default Images

Well, I'm sure a lot of you still rely on using out of the box salesforce images for displaying quick icons within formula fields or even using them within your Visualforce pages. Lately, I realized that a lot of earlier resources are no longer accessible, so I tried to quickly extract all images from Salesforce CSS files and provide a quick reference here. Please note, I've referenced all images from SF servers directly, so if anything changes, the image should stop rendering here. As these images are completely controlled by Salesforce, and in case they change anything, it might lead to image not being accessible. Image path Image /img/samples/flag_green.gif /img/samples/flag_green.gif /img/samples/flag_red.gif /img/samples/color_red.gif /img/samples/color_yellow.gif /img/samples/color_green.gif /img/samples/light_green.gif /img/samples/light_yellow.gif /img/samples/light_red.gif /img/samples/stars_100.gif /img/samples/stars_200.gif /img/samples/stars_300.