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Sneak Peek: Handle Record Delete triggers using Flow Automations

Traditionally, within Salesforce platform, only Apex triggers were equipped to handle record delete events. For any custom handling of delete actions, one had to create and maintain Apex code. Not to mention, be mindful of the best practices of handling deletions in bulk and displaying error messages. Salesforce flows have been graduated to now handle on delete events for objects within Salesforce. So, now you can create a flow which gets triggered on record delete. Step by Step Guide Let's take a sample scenario (probably most used). Let's say you want to restrict any user to delete an Account of type Customer. Following are the steps to create flow Step 1 : Create a flow of type Record Triggered Flow Step 2 : Set Entry Criteria Set Trigger to A record is deleted Set Entry conditions to qualify only active customer accounts Step 3 : Add new Custom Error Add new element attached to Start element and select Custom Error element from the list Step 4 : Setup Error Message Add er