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Lightning: Generate PDF from Lightning components with in-memory data

I'm sure as everyone is diving into lightning components development, they are getting acquainted with the nuances of the Lightning components framework. As well as, its current limitations. Being a new framework, this is bound to happen. Although we have our users still using salesforce classic, we have started using lightning components framework our primary development platform and Visualforce is considered primarily for rendering lightning components within Classic Service console. Recently, while re-architecting a critical module, we encountered a problem wherein we needed to generate PDF from lightning components. Now, being Javascript intensive framework, it has limited room for such features (may be included in future roadmap). As of now, there is no native feature within the lightning framework to do so (at least I didn't find anything). Common Scenario - Create Visualforce page to retrieve data and generate PDF For scenarios where the data exist within Sa

Quick Tips: Salesforce environment strategy: Single Org vs Multiple Org

Much has been written and presented around Salesforce single organisation and multi-organisation strategies. But, still the question is asked quite frequently. There are really good articles and blogs and I'm hereby trying to compile the information and add my views to it, to provide a summary. Single Org. Approach In a single org. approach, an organisation maintains one single Salesforce org. all their required operations (planned to be executed via Salesforce) are executed via same org. Ideal for: Small and Medium Businesses Pros Less environment maintenance overhead Uniform processes - a very good opportunity for organisations which want to implement uniform processes/ functionalities across all units Easier user provisioning - once a user is setup, they have access to required functionalities Cons Complicated processes as organisation grows larger and include various operations/ geographies Increased application conflicts - with same processes being used