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SFDX Utility - Easy to use Command Line Wizard

As you would already know, SFDX is Salesforce utility for improved build management and development activities. It is definitely a big leap in terms of bringing Salesforce development practices in line with common delivery and development processes. However, I believe non-admins, new developers and most of folks who love browser based development will be puzzled, as they now have to move to a not-so-good-looking command line screen to run their commands. Not to mention, they need to remember these commands and all their options. Who is it for? This utility (currently) caters to teams/ developers who are yet not using scratch org for their development. I consider you are familiar with managing package.xml to ensure you have your build manifest ready. What is the need? Eases pain of entering common development commands (retrieve, deploy, build) With one time config, you'll be sure you are not messing up with instances Ensure you or your team follows same process