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VmForce or JVMForce?

Attended VmForce webinar yesterday (I wrote this article earlier, got time today to publish it). The first things that came to my mind was " Java again? ". I thought that in SFDC we were (if some may still think that we have not) crossing the by-lanes of conventional technologies and were moving forward to next generation platform. Everybody would agree that with PaaS (Platform As A Servive) and DaaS (Development As A Service) Salesforce is moving closer and closer to General Applications development platform. Giving opening to java code would not only bring new workforce and clients for salesforce. This will also help a larger developer community access to salesforce which is what is the key to success for all the development platforms, something what Microsoft did with .Net, Apple did with iPod/ iPhone etc. With Java(in vmforce), SFDC is entering deeper and deeper into enterprise grid applications and with all the benefits of cloud it can certainly break the barrier.