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Email Template Bug in Salesforce

Well to start with, it is no end-user bug. But, after all we developers/consultants are also end users for Salesforce. It is a bug which can make your email template useless and non-editable (up to some extent). Following are the steps to recreate it:- 1. Create a visualforce page with contentType = "pdf/excel" , lets name the page as " testReport " 2. Create a visualforce email template and place the following code in the template (remove unnecessary spaces in code, have inserted to get data escaped) < messaging:htmlEmailBody > < apex:include  pageName="testReport" /> < / messaging:htmlEmailBody > 3. Click on save button. BINGO.. you would notice that a download window pops up/ file gets downloaded (depends on your browser). You can save the file and view the contents. Its nothing but the email template edit page, in excel :). Well, now if you go to Setup> Personal Setup> Email> My Templates . Try to View / Edit