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SFDC: CRM or XRM or SFDC, the term seems to be synonymous to CRM systems. Some people know that is just another CRM tool, while others compare it with other (primitive) CRM systems and argue the statement. But, I believe that keeping all the capabilities of and platform, SFDC has moved a few steps ahead of CRM and can be called an XRM system (X = Any/Multiple).

By XRM, I mean a system which is just not inside the boundary of CRM but can fulfil/achieve more functionalities as required in Finance, Insurance, and HR etc.
All of you, who might have worked on and especially the platform and played around Apex and VisualForce must have realized the fact that apart from using standard Salesforce objects e.g. Account, Opportunities, Leads etc. (which are integral part of CRM system), we can now create a lot of other custom objects as per our need (Bank Transactions, Payments, Invoice, Invoice line items etc.).
Furthermore, with the power of Apex we can build custom logic for these custom objects and achieve the required functionalities.

Finally, with the coolest tool/feature/technology of "VisualForce" we can create really groovy and intuitive UI applications. I have myself created a few such applications which have all the custom functionalities and were catering to different business scenarios other than CRM. Furthermore, with the addition of Salesforce Sites feature, I believe it was another jewel in the crown. We can now expose all our functionalities to outer world with minimal efforts.
Following are certain applications built using Salesforce sites:-
Created by Me:-

Note: - To test it, perform the following:-
a) Click on Admin
b) Enter Username as "test" and password as "test1234"
c) Click on Login
d) Add/Edit/Update Pages and contents
e) Associate contents with pages,
f) Get back to home page to view the changes.

To view other sites created by others go to
Do post you comments and share your thoughts on the same.


  1. yeah you are right pegasys. The fact I wanted to highlight is that is crossing the CRM boundary and is getting into other domains.

  2. Though your idea is good. There are lot of bugs I can see on your sites page. I guess you have not done your homework well.
    I can directly access the admin pages. no need to login.
    Security threats are there. Hope you will correct these...Let me know if I can offer any help..

  3. Yeah Srinivas you are right. As its a very old developer org. which does not have any portal users, its not secure that ways. This was just a demo application developed as a POC to proof that we can achieve it in SFDC.

    However, any ideas are welcome


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