Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sneak Peek: Publisher Actions

Extends chatter's capabilities to enable user to take custom actions for e.g. create a new related record or access a visualforce page.

It would be accessible via chatter section on Chatter tab, home page or chatter section in detail page of an object.

Publisher actions lets administrator/ developer expose additional functionalities to users via chatter feeds. So, now a user can create a new record from chatter feed as he/she used to create new post/ poll etc. For e.g. a user viewing account detail page can create a contact/ opportunity related to the Account, without navigating to any other page.

Actions can be created from Object setup page or via "Buttons Links and Actions" link for each standard object in Setup and Administration section.

There are two types of actions:-

  1. Create action:- allows user to create a new record. Administrator can define the fields to be displayed in the create page layout. Additionally, administrator can specify default values for certain fields.
  2. Custom action:- allows a visualforce page to be displayed on click of action.

Each type of action can be set as:-

  • Global action:- action not specific to any particular object and hence is accessible via Chatter tab, home page etc.
Salesforce Global Action

  • Object specific action:- action specific to an object and hence would be displayed on chatter section of object's detail page

Salesforce Publisher Action

For more details, please refer to:-

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