Saturday, June 1, 2013 : Cool features of Summer ‘13

Following are few cool features released in Summer '13 release of

Salesforce Communities
It’s probably one of the most awaited features. It replaces customer and partner portals and brings a consistent user experience for internal and external users. It brings more flexibility to bring interaction with customers and partners. Additionally, it provides seamless access to chatter adding social quotient to customer/ partner communication. Canvas – Generally Available
Canvas as you would have already known, is a feature to enable access to business specific web applications from within Salesforce. Although, this might not seem interesting in start, but, many organizations have needed it since a long time to provide unified access to multiple applications. This makes application discovery easier and uniform. Also brings seamless access to all applications.

Opportunity Split
In real time scenarios, mostly multiple people are responsible for winning a deal (off course not when the salesmen is a Hollywood star). In such scenarios, in past, custom development had to be done to split commission across various people involved. But, now it comes out of the box. So, kind of nice, as it can avoid a lot of fights and grudges when a deal is “closed”.

Customizable Pricebooks
Yes, this is really true. I have personally faced a lot of issue with Salesforce pricebooks. It looked like a sacred turf, only meant for Cricket or Football players and not for rookies like us . Now, it is almost a level playing field. Pricebooks can now be customized with new fields, triggers, page layouts and validation rules. Additionally, you can also report on pricebooks. Isn't that savvy!!

Metadata API changes – New Metadata types
This is again a very fantastic addition. This means that new elements like  ApprovalProcess, ForecastingSettings,  LiveAgentSettings, SamlSsoConfig etc.  are exportable just like other metadata elements and can further be deployed to production without having to be created manually, as in past. So, a whole lot of new elements available for automated deployments.

Dashboards in Touch on iPhone devices
It can literally fit into your palm. Indeed, a very “handy” addition. With this addition, Salesforce users can now access dashboards on their mobile devices. So you get analytics on the run.

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