Thursday, November 14, 2019

Quick Tips: Setup SFDX Manually without Admin access

We all have faced challenges while working in different enterprise environments, where there may be lot of controls/ checks/ red-tape to get by. In such situations, getting access to simple tools (even git) can take lot of time.

Note: This tutorial is to be followed at your own risk, as it may not be complaint to your organization's IT policies.

What is SFDX?

SFDX is a command line utility for managing salesforce builds/ deployments. Being command line, it can be easily embedded to automation chains, to help build fully automated build and deployment processes. To get started, refer

Setup SFDX on Windows machine without admin access

As you may have already realized, SFDX installation needs admin access to one's machine. Which may be a luxury a lot of developers may not have. So, i tried to provide a step-by-step guide to setup SFDX on your computer without any admin access


Note: The path in commands is provided only for guidance. Ensure, you are using right path, as per your machine's folder structure
  1. Download latest NodeJS Zip file package (v13.1 -

  2. Unzip folder to desired location. Say \Tools\nodejs
    1. Note: zip extraction may generate the folder name as per nodejs packaging. In my case, the path was \Tools\nodejs\node-v13.1.0-win-x64

  3. Open command prompt (Win + R; type cmd and press enter)

  4. Within command prompt navigate to nodejs path (ensure to use correct path no your machine)
    cd Tools\nodejs\node-v13.1.0-win-x64

  5. Test if NodeJS works fine. Type following command in command prompt
    node –v
    Should display version of nodejs for e.g. v13.1.0

  6. Run nodevars to setup local variables

  7. Install sfdx command line using NPM (comes along with NodeJS)
    npm install sfdx-cli –global

  8. Voilla!! This should result in successful installation of sfdx on your desired folder. To test run this command
    sfdx –v
    It should result in sfdx version for e.g.
    sfdx-cli/7.33.2 win32-x64 node-v13.1.0

Note, this does not install sfdx as a global utility i.e. to use sfdx, you have to always provide an absolute path (\Tools\nodejs\node-v13.1.0-win-x64\sfdx) to run the command. However, it does allow you to use SFDX on your machine.

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