Friday, April 30, 2010

VmForce or JVMForce?

Attended VmForce webinar yesterday (I wrote this article earlier, got time today to publish it). The first things that came to my mind was "Java again?". I thought that in SFDC we were (if some may still think that we have not) crossing the by-lanes of conventional technologies and were moving forward to next generation platform.

Everybody would agree that with PaaS (Platform As A Servive) and DaaS (Development As A Service) Salesforce is moving closer and closer to General Applications development platform. Giving opening to java code would not only bring new workforce and clients for salesforce. This will also help a larger developer community access to salesforce which is what is the key to success for all the development platforms, something what Microsoft did with .Net, Apple did with iPod/ iPhone etc.

With Java(in vmforce), SFDC is entering deeper and deeper into enterprise grid applications and with all the benefits of cloud it can certainly break the barrier.

Having said all that, as we are extensively using Java in VmForce, it would be better to nickname it as JvmForce.


  1. Java may be first after Apex... but surely it will not be the last?

  2. Surely. I agree with you. In fact, its one thing that .Net has proved that language itself is no big barrier. And I look forward to SFDC to have similar support for other languages.

  3. This is really true...with the introduction of java on cloud, salesforce is looking for a hybrid future.... we should check lest they decide to build up Sky net...:P


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